Ricks crab trap - Bad food and service

Fort Walton Beach, Florida 0 comments

I'm some what of a regular at Ricks Crab Trap restaurant.I dine there about 2 to 3 times a month.

They have $5 dozen raw or steamed oysters for happy hour. Which is why I go to Ricks. Today i got a dozen raw and i also wanted to try the special of the day. The specials of the day are posted on a chalkboard by the hostess stand.

today it was grilled cobia with slaw and fries for $12. I ordered the grilled cobia, but asked the server if I could sub cheese grits for the fries. The server took my order , but then returned moments later to inform me that the special was for lunch and the dinner portion would be $24.99 and would come with steamed veggies instead. I told her that would be fine and to add a side of cheese grits.

But instead of getting what i ordered i got baked cobia that was way over cooked. I could only eat a quarter of it. It was so tough and dry. The waitress apoligized, but didn't get the manager involved to rectify the problem.

I paid full price for the dish. I should have asked for the manager, but waitress seemed weeded. Also inexperienced.

She looked young.Next time I'll stick to eating just the oysters.

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